Motorcycle Safety Advisory Commission
Department of Transportation
Montana Code Annotated
Advisory Council
Commission advises the Board of Regents and the Department of Justice on motorcycle rider safety issues, motorcycle safety training, motorcycle endorsement testing and other matters relating to motorcycle safety. Board of Regents and Attorney General, also have appointments.
4 Years

Current Members

Last NameFirst NameBoard PositionContact InformationTerm StartTerm End
BalcerLoriMotorcycle rider representing motorcycle riding groups
7805 Pinto Drive
Shepherd, Montana 59079
MussonRickPeace officer
Bozeman Police Department, 615 S. 16th Avenue
Bozeman, Montana 59715
SvobodaRexMotorcycle rider representing motorcycle riding groups
PO Box 777
Frenchtown, Montana 59834

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9/21/2023 12:41 PM