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DNRC - Resource Conservation Advisory Council


Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
Montana Code Annotated (View)
Agency Based Advisory Council
Advise and assist the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation on all programs and advise on activities relating to conservation entities, including programs and activities relating to the formation, organization and operation of districts, control and prevention of soil erosion, conservation, development utilization and disposal of all water resources, prevention of floodwater and sediment damage, conservation, protection, restoration and proper utilization of soil and vegetative resources of the state, and cooperation with other state, federal and local agencies and citizens groups in land uses related to natural resources and the environment. Advise and assist the Department in approving applications for assistance under PL 566 (Watershed Act) Prior to submission to the Department. Recommend changes if necessary in existing state or federal laws or regulations to protect and conserve soil, vegetation and water resources of the state. Provide a liaison between the Department, conservation districts, grazing districts, the Montana Association of Conservation Districts and the Montana Association of State Grazing Districts. Advise and assist the Department in reviewing grant guidelines and applications to qualify conservation districts under the conservation district grant program. Serve as Soil Survey Advisory Committee in accordance with Montana Code Annotated 2-15-3306. The director of the Department shall serve as chair when the Council serves in this capacity. Advise on other issues as deemed necessary by the Council or as requested by the Department.
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